Reese, 4 months, January 2014

Finally got to meet Ms. Reese, and since I was taking pictures of my new niece anyway we got some of precious little Reese, too. It was almost Valentine’s, so we did a Valentine’s themed photo for her Daddy, a photo with the alphabet blocks, and one of her in a brand new prop my Mom was nice enough to crochet for me.



Newborn, Levi, January 2014

I was so pleased to take pictures of the new addition to the Lavere family, Leona’s little brother, Levi. He was born on Christmas eve and he is precious! Since he was born on Christmas eve we got one Christmas themed photo, as well as photos on a sports themed quilt his grandmother made him (Duke on one side to make Dad happy, Carolina on the other side to make her happy), and some pictures on a new fluffy green rug photo prop I acquired (those were my personal favorites).


Wedding, Adam and Elgin, January 2014

Adam and Elgin got married at The Terraces on Sir Tyler ( ), a new, modern location that I’d never photographed before. It’s always exciting to work at a new location. A classy location for a classy couple, Adam and Elgin looked lovely among the scenery there. Unfortunately it was too cold to take the family photos on the balcony as they originally wanted, but the fountain in the vestibule made a lovely back-up plan. Here are some of my favorite photos from the day, Adam and Elgin on one of the stairwells there, the mother of the groom admiring the lovely bride as she finished getting ready, and Elgin’s attention catching shoes which she chose to add a splash of color to her ensemble.


Family Portraits, Sullivans, December 2013

The Sullivan family asked me to do some photos of them around Christmas time since they would all be in town then, and I was happy to agree. They live near Holden Beach, NC, so we decided to do the photos there. It was a perfect day for portraits, overcast but not raining (somewhat a miracle as the forecast called for heavy rain). Then, as I neared the beach, the last few miles, fog appeared and became thicker the closer I got. By the time I got to the beach it was shrouded in a dense fog. I wasn’t sure how the photos would turn out, but I was really hoping the fog would just give them that extra bit of drama, and I think it did.

The Sullivans were all such troopers, a joy to work with. The fog was so thick that all of our hair was dripping wet with condensation as we left the beach but they were still laughing and having a good time together. I’m so glad they loved the finished products of their photos as much as I do.


Dosher Family, Maternity, December 2013

I was so excited and nervous to do my sister’s maternity photos.  I met her and her husband and step-son at a boat slip to do a quick session before a family beach photo session I had scheduled that same day.  The overcast light that day was perfect for portraits.

I’ve gotta admit, it makes me feel old taking pictures of my younger sister expecting her first child, but I was so honored to do it!  We got a photo similar to one from their family portrait session of Brennan being grossed out by them kissing, haha, boys will be boys!


Newborn Photos, Dominic, November 2013

I tried to do maternity photos for my friend Erica for a little extra practice before the other maternity shoots I have coming up soon.  When that didn’t work out, she asked if we could do newborn photos instead.  So, Erica, her husband, their daughter, and their new addition all came to my house for a photo shoot last week.  Due to issues with picking up their daughter from school they arrived late, the sun already set.  I was concerned about the lack of light, but I think we managed to get some nice shots anyway.  :) 

Little Dominic did Not want to go to sleep for these photos, but we managed to get him into a Harry Potter theme setup as his Mom wanted.  So cute! 


About Me Part 3

I am originally from the great state of Virginia.  I was born in Charlottesville, in Martha Jefferson Hospital.  There’s a picture of me as a baby at Monticello.  My Mom is holding me in front of the house, and we had great fun trying to recreate the moment when we visited again when I was a teenager.  I only lived in Virginia a few years, though, before we moved across country so my Dad could get his Master’s degree.

My family lives in Appomattox Virginia.  You may remember this from history class as the place where the civil war ended.  I’ve visited the surrendering grounds more times than I care to admit, and I love to read civil war era historical fiction.

Sometimes I think I was meant to be a northerner at heart.  I don’t like sweet tea, or grits.  One of the few things that makes me sure I’m from the south is that I Love boiled peanuts.

If you’re ever in Lynchburg, VA be sure to check out the Farm Basket for lunch.  It’s the cutest place and they have delightful food made from fresh, local ingredients.

One day I may retire to the sleepy town of Appomattox.  For now I’m content to visit a couple times a year.  My grandparents house is still one of my favorite places in the world.  One of the pictures that I’ll post is the view from my grandparents bedroom window, another is of the Farm Basket, and the last is of hay bales in one of my relatives fields.  I always know I’m getting close to my destination as I make the drive home when it gets to the point that there are more hay bales than cars.  :)ImageImageImage

Wedding, Amanda and Tyler, September 2013

I was so honored and excited to photography my sister’s wedding.  She married a sweet man who plays Magic: the Gathering, what more could any sister ask for? :)  Some people suggested that I should allow someone else to photograph the wedding so I could just enjoy the day, but I just didn’t trust anyone else to photograph her wedding, I had to do it myself.  Here’s hoping she appreciated the effort.